I love to fly to meet gentlemen in new cities and reserve these dates for those able to invest 24 hours+ in our connection, with some exceptions. All rates are exclusive of my travel fees; and for flights in excess of 3 hours I request first class accommodations.

Existing clients: I offer very generous discounted travel engagements to certain destinations. Please inquire at for more details.

Fly to you

Travel Engagements are usually reserved for gentlemen with whom I have an existing relationship, however new clients are welcome to inquire. A 25% deposit + all travel costs are due at time of booking. Upon receipt I will reserve my own travel and forward you a confirmation of my arrival and departure. 

Travel Engagements require the following personal verification for screening and safety:


Employment verification can be completed by:

  • Sending me an email from your professional email address, I can provide an alternative email address not associated with my professional identity (it can just say "test" or anything you prefer) or

  • Sending me a connection request or message on LinkedIn from your established account.

  • Your privacy is guaranteed - I will not 'accept' the request or reply to the email, only review it for my own safety.

After We've Met

  • I'm happy to purge any of your personal information from my possession, keeping only your primary contact information so we can book another date easily.

  • I always provide a reference upon request for gentlemen with whom I have enjoyed a date. Check with me before providing my name, this also helps remind me of our time together if it has been a few months since we met. For the safety of others, I can only verify you if I've seen you in the last 6 months.


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